Secret is a blend of ancient Sicilian cultivars from olives from centuries-old trees that face the Mediterranean and have always enjoyed a temperate climate.
A premium evo oil of great personality and elegance, characterized by a pleasantly fruity bouquet, and persuasive and engaging in taste, a flavor in which bitter and spicy chase each other harmoniously. A few precious drops to give that touch of class to your dishes.

Secret is IGP Sicilia certified, which defines products that are identified by peculiarities linked to a specific territory and that comply with a production specification in which the “historical” origin is proven.
It is a 0-residue evo oil free of chemical treatments or pesticides that are harmful to health. Certified environmentally sustainable with the Friend of the Earth label.

Mother Nature, our model.

Secret is represented by this female figure, a mother nature, emerging from the foliage of an olive tree, bearing and offering as a gift the symbol of Embrace the universal embrace of well-being and new lifestyles. Accompanied by some natural elements like flowers, butterflies and bees, whose presence is a sign of well-functioning ecosystems, important for environmental health, maintaining and reflecting biodiversity. A clear glass bottle with a refined black and gold silkscreen print to bring out the essence of a precious liquid, its light a symbol of life.
Einstein said, Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. Mother Nature is our model, our mentor and provider of food and health, nourishment for our bodies to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Our deepest and most inspiring teacher, she is there always ready to reveal her secrets and lessons to us and use this ancient, intuitive wisdom to heal ourselves and the Planet.

Evo oil is one of the quintessential ingredients of Italian cuisine, its complexity needs to be fully perceived.

The fruit of the olive press is an ingredient in its own right, with its aromas and nuances of flavor, capable of adding character with its distinct properties adapts to various gastronomic forms, whether traditional or innovative. The choice of raw materials is important and is the basis for the success of a good dish; one that enhances the typical flavors of an area with a thousand shades of taste and aroma.
Cooking is an artistic journey through food history. It is, through flavors, an anthropological adventure. It is scientific awareness of the quality of raw materials and their production. It is physiology, psychology and philology of taste. It is insight and creative rewriting of the art of eating and living. It is genius and discipline, technique, passion and love. Love for guests and self. Love of tasting. In an intimately Mediterranean cuisine, flavors, smells and colors then eyeball in the different courses. At the end of this extraordinary journey, “Cooking is revealing one’s secrets of the universe in a dish every time, the secret ingredient is us.
Production Area and Territory: Along the coast of Western Sicily in Castelvetrano, between the Selinunte Archaeological Park and the Cave of Cusa. Where coastlines of the finest sand, breathtaking landscapes, and a hinterland rich in archaeological beauty, olive groves, vineyards, and wildlife reserves, give an imprint of paradise, to this land of Sicily that shines with its colors in its unaltered magnificence. A place rich in natural eco systems from the biological and agricultural point of view, where since ancient times, the centuries-old olive tree has been a symbol of intellectual strength, fertility and vital energy precisely because of its longevity.
Tasting Notes: Secret offers an intriguing bouquet, with a medium/intense fruitiness characterized by herbaceous hints intertwined with typical scents of artichoke, green tomato and field vegetables. Enveloping and persistent with an elegant chase of bitterness and spiciness. Notes of herbs enhance its harmony. Your secret ingredient in the kitchen.

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