Evosì 250 ml – Blend 80% Nocellara del Belice e 20% Biancolilla – Bottle

10.00 IVA incl.

VINTAGE 2023/2024

EVOSÌ is an extra virgin olive oil IGP SICILIA that comes from a blend of Nocellara del belice 80% and Biancolilla 20%, two native Sicilian cultivars with a long tradition.
Green in colour with golden highlights, with an acidity of no more than 0.1.
The nose is lightly fruity of green olive, fresh and citrusy with slight aromas of wild flowers, aromatic herbs, hints of almond, and artichoke and tomato.
The palate is fine and delicate, revealing pleasant sensations of bitterness and spiciness, with an intriguing spicy finish of white pepper.
The taste gives a salty, marine sensation that makes it delicious.

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EVOSÌ is an evo oil that wants to represent Sicily an extraordinary land for its colours, flavours, landscapes, history, climate, sea and art, a source of inspiration for poets, writers and artists.
EVOSÌ because we must always choose a quality extra virgin oil, because it accompanies us in our daily lives in our diet as a source of wellbeing for our health.
The taste gives a salty, marine sensation that makes dishes such as seafood salads, orange salads, chicken salads, fresh cheeses, minestrone, fresh pasta, and is perfect with pizza and bruschetta.
Filtered and stored in silos under nitrogen in a thermo-conditioned environment and finally packaged in small batches by hand in elegant bottles. All to preserve and maintain the organoleptic properties of the oil over time.

For total transparency to customers and for the guarantee of a genuine and healthy product, at the end of each oil campaign we subject our oil to detailed analysis by the customs office of the various parameters that attest to its wholesomeness and above all that it is a 0-residue product, thus free of chemical treatments that are harmful to health.

Also available in a 500 ml package.