Embrace 100 ml with box – Monocultivar Nocellara del Belice

15.00 IVA incl.

VINTAGE 2022/2023

Embrace is an authentic IGP Sicily certified extra virgin olive oil, a quality mark issued by the European Union which defines products that are identified by the peculiarities linked to a specific territory and which comply with a production specification in which the “historical” origin is proven ” in the territory a brand symbol of a product that enhances all the organoleptic characteristics of its land, respecting its historical origin.
The 500 ml format is excellent for everyday use, but it can also be a precious gift suitable for any occasion.
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We thought we’d help make them even more unforgettable by making our oil a favour! In this way you can offer your guests a tasty, precious and high quality souvenir, a wedding favour, a gift that leaves a mark and the memory of an unforgettable day, and thank them for taking part in your party and sharing your joy with them. .
Our gastronomic wedding favors will transmit to your guests fundamental values ​​such as solidity, authenticity, love and beauty.

A bottle with a soft shape, with sinuous and rounded lines, as well as the forms that the oil takes, in its harmonious being. The matt black painting to ensure total shielding from light for a long conservation of the product. The pad printing in satin gold to represent the preciousness of the oil as liquid gold for our well-being. A chromatic contrast between black and gold that arouses exclusive relationships and emotions.
The bottles are filled, corked, sealed, labeled and numbered one by one carefully by hand.
A Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, certified Igp Sicily and Eco-sustainable, to guarantee a high quality and genuine product, which enhances the flavor of this extraordinary land, through a historical cultivar the Nocellara del Belice. A fragrant extra virgin olive oil, medium fruity, versatile, soft and elegant, with hints and flavors of tomato, field vegetables, artichoke, and aromatic herbs such as basil and oregano.

Our packs can be customized:

  • With collar or with adhesive application on the box or on the bottle.
  • You can change the color of the ribbons or decorations to your liking to make the bag of sugared almonds.
  • It is possible to choose the different formats 200 ml, 500 ml with their own different packages.

Our passion, dedication, and constant commitment to offer you an oil that offers unique emotions of taste and pleasure, combined with the pleasure of eating healthy and natural.
Embrace is also available in 200ml format500 ml format3 liter can