Tasting glass

8.50 IVA incl.

For all oil lovers, enthusiasts and oil lovers who want to excite themselves through a sensory experience of scents and flavors with different nuances, we have created and customized the our Embrace biccolio or tasting glass, elegant and refined like its bottle.

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The glass for tasting extra virgin olive oil is not called a glass, but a biccolio and has precise characteristics:

  • Shape: like every wine has its own glass, even the glass for tasting oil has a shape, which is not dictated by imagination, but by a careful analysis of the olfactory structure of the extra virgin olive oil. The shape resembles the tulip of a spirit glass, with a belly much wider than the opening, but no stem. The rounded belly allows you to grip the glass well to heat the oil with the palm of your hand and allow the aromas to be released. The ideal temperature to recognize the olfactory charge of an extra virgin olive oil is 28°C.
  • Color: generally for competitions the color of the glass is blue. The reason is that the color does not determine the quality of the oil. Whether yellow or green or one of hundreds of shades, the color could indicate a particular cultivar, or a specific degree of ripeness of the drupe. The same goes for clarity, whether filtered or not. The simple palm of the hand is enough to cover the glass.


A good quality oil tastes fresh and “green”, has a more or less intense bitterness and pungency.