Bag in tube Embrace 3 litres – Monocultivar Nocellara del Belice

49.90 IVA incl.

VINTAGE 2022/2023

Embrace is an authentic IGP Sicily certified extra virgin olive oil, a quality mark issued by the European Union which defines products that are identified by the peculiarities linked to a specific territory and which comply with a production specification in which the “historical” origin is proven ” in the territory a brand symbol of a product that enhances all the organoleptic characteristics of its land, respecting its historical origin.
The 3 liter tin is the ideal format for chefs and restaurateurs or for those who want to always have a small supply with them to use every day at home to enhance the flavors of their dishes.

Buy at least 3 pieces to get a 12% discount and zero shipping costs!

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The Bag in tube is innovative, recyclable, excellent for storing oil and an elegant gift idea.


It allows the extra virgin oil not to oxidize, keep the acidity low, protecting it from light and air. The tap valve does not allow air to penetrate inside, favoring the preservation of the typical aromas and flavors for longer and allowing you to dip fresh extra virgin olive oil whenever you want!

A new and elegant system to have the right supply of extra virgin olive oil at home (3 litres).
We put the oil and guarantee its quality; the tube, beautiful to look at and easy to use, guarantees ideal conservation: it eliminates contact with the air and prevents oxidation.

The Bag-in-Tube® is an innovative packaging concept, made up of a cardboard tube with a tinplate lid and base.
The tube contains a double layered bag and the oil is dispensed through a high performance stopcock.
Once opened, it protects the oil from contact with the air, ensuring a longer life and perfect conservation.



In fact, the Bag in Tube represents the most efficient, ecological and modern way to prevent oxidation and guarantee perfect conservation in daily use. Thanks to the characteristics of the container, the oil always remains new with every sip: protected from oxygen, its most dangerous enemy, it keeps the aromas intact, preserves its organoleptic qualities and protects its nutraceutical virtues.