Gift ideas

Embrace is the most authentic symbol of a gift.
Donating is one of the most beautiful actions we can do for ourselves and for others, for this reason we have created many gift ideas of Embrace suitable for any occasion.


The very elegant and refined packaging is created of soft touch cardboard and inside contain our bottles placed in a soft velvet passepartout with a message dedicated to each of you.

The chocolate

Embrace chocolate will amaze you with its unique and recognisable flavour. Prepared with unrefined materials of excellence, 60% dark chocolate with a liquid heart of Nocellara del Belice extra virgin olive oil.

A meditation chocolate that in a single bite will make you savour the different shades of the exclusive ingredients used, in a perfect harmony of textures and flavours. This chocolate is a real explosion of flavours, aromas and scents that will not leave you indifferent.

The perfect gift idea to give to a special person, but also a delicious pampering for yourself, or as a praline at the end of a meal to delight and surprise your guests.


The Embrace apron contains the same elegance and care as the products we reserve for our oil.
Elegant and unique, it is the perfect gift idea for those who love attention to detail for those who love being in the kitchen.

Made of stain-resistant fabric, with adjustable laces suitable for any size, with a pocket for tools and accessories.

In black to distinguish the elegance of excellence in the kitchen, it bears the Embrace symbol embroidered with gold thread, a logo that encloses with an embrace for a love story for quality unrefined materials that allow you to achieve excellence in preparation of each dish.

The T-shirt

Embrace T-Shirts are made in black with our logo in its original colours. A gift idea for those who appreciate our excellent extra virgin olive oil, dedicated to everyone and in particular to the youngest future consumers, to whom we want to convey the knowledge and value of a quality extra virgin olive oil.

Special packages

Embrace oil is also available in special packages that lend themselves perfectly as a gift, a precious gift based on the principle of reciprocity of giving and receiving for the well-being that starts from our tables and warms the heart like a embrace.

The bottle, in addition to ensuring the proper conservation of the oil, can be reused as a flower vase, candle holder or perfume diffuser.

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