EVOSÌ is an extra virgin olive oil that aspires to represent Sicily, an extraordinary land for its colours, flavours, landscapes, history, climate, sea and art, source of inspiration for poets, writers and artists and precisely for this Giusy and Carmen call their farm “Evo Sicily”.

EVOSÌ because you should always choose a quality extra virgin olive oil, because it accompanies us during our daily life in our diet as a source of well-being for our health.

EvoSÌ, an oil with an all sicilian essence.

EVOSÌ is an extra virgin olive oil IGP SICILIA which comes from a blend of Nocellara del belice 80% and Bincolilla 20% olives, two long-established Sicilian autochthonous cultivars.

Our olive grove is located in Campobello di Mazara, 5 ha with a thousand trees of Nocellara del Belice and about 100 of Biancolilla.


Evosì is eco-sustainable.

We adhere to the regulation of the GUIDED and INTEGRATED methods of pest control in production, respecting the environment and the natural ecosystem.

Harvest time: in the last 10 days of September to the first ten days of October.

Harvesting method: carried out by hand, the olives are selected and placed in well-ventilated 20 kg crates. After a first defoliation, they are taken to the oil mill, 10 minutes from the olive grove, and milled within 6 hours of collection.

Milling: cold, continuous cycle with two phases, in the absence of oxygen and at controlled temperature. (max. 27°)

Pairings: the flavour gives a briny and marine sensation that makes delicious and succulent dishes such as:

  • seafood salad,
  • orange salad,
  • chicken salad,
  • fresh cheeses,
  • vegetable soup,
  • fresh pasta salads,
  • and finally it is perfect with pizza and bruschetta.

Organoleptic properties


in color with golden reflections, with an acidity that does not exceed 0.1.

To the scent

it presents a light fruitiness of green olives, fresh with citrus and slight aromas of wild flowers, aromatic herbs, hints of almond, and artichoke and tomato.

To the palate

it is fine and delicate, revealing pleasant sensations of bitter and spicy, with an intriguing spicy finish of white pepper.

Filtration, Storage and Packaging

The oil is filtered and stored in silos under nitrogen in a heat-conditioned environment and finally packaged in small batches by hand, in elegant 500ml and 250ml cans, based upon requests. Everything to preserve and maintain the organoleptic properties of the oil over time.

We personally take care of each phase of the production chain with dedication from the olive groove to packaging, always meeting the needs of our customers.


250 ml
500 ml

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