Sicilian liquid gold

Embrace, comes from a prized native Sicilian cultivar, Nocellara del Belice. It is an extra virgin olive oil with a clear and unrepeatable identity, with very precise distinctive organoleptic characteristics enriched by a landscape, historical, cultural context and the human factor represented by knowledge, professionalism, awareness, tradition, passion.An oil as authentic as a hug and precious for our well-being. A limited production, housed in a bottle with a modern, innovative and eye-catching design that is a symbol of elegance, exclusivity and high quality. The matte black coating ensures total shielding from light and allows for long oil storage; the satin gold pad printing represents the preciousness of our oil: liquid gold, precious to our health.

The Formats


Embrace Experience

I contemplated for a long time this old olive tree grown in barren soil bent and hollowed by the mistral wind whipped by storms and scorched by the scorching sun. However, laden with fruit, it gives fragrant oil as one who after a hard life still lives giving confidence and creating hope.

Father Enzo Bianchi
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